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Leaders conduct counseling to develop soldiers to achieve personal, professional development and organizational goals, and to prepare them for increased responsibilities. Leaders are responsible for developing their soldiers. Unit readiness and mission accomplishment depend on every member’s ability to perform to established standards.

Supervisors must develop their subordinates through teaching, coaching and counseling. Leaders coach soldiers the same way any sports coach improves their team: by identifying weaknesses, setting goals, developing and implementing a plan of action and providing oversight and motivation throughout the process.

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What is Developmental Counseling?

All leaders have a responsibility to develop those junior to them to the fullest extent possible. In addition to institutional training and education, leaders can facilitate development through the knowledge and feedback they provide through counseling, coaching, and mentoring. Counseling is a standardized tool used to provide feedback to a subordinate. Counseling focuses on the subordinate by producing a plan outlining actions the subordinate can take to achieve individual and organizational goals. It is central to leader development and should be part of a comprehensive program for developing subordinates. A consistent counseling program includes all subordinates, regardless of the level of each ones potential.

What Should I know about Coaching?

The original meaning of coaching refers to the function of helping someone through a set of tasks. In the military, coaching occurs when a leader guides another persons development in new or existing skills during the practice of those skills. Unlike mentoring or counseling where the mentor/counselor generally has more experience than the supported person, coaching relies primarily on teaching and guiding to help bring out and enhance current capabilities. A coach helps those being coached to understand and appreciate their current level of performance and their potential, and instructs them on how to reach the next level of knowledge and skill..

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