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The Operations Sergeant is typicall the S-3's assistant and oversees and supervises the tactical and garrison training schedules, classroom scheduling, physical training for the company, plans for tactical operations, and more. The Operations Sergeant supervises the School NCO and the Range and/or the Ammunition Noncommissioned Officers.

Battle Staff NCOs are expected to be proficient in the basic doctrine of Army operations, fratricide, combat service support (CSS), maintenance support, personnel support, field services, operational symbols and graphics, command and staff functions, command post operations, offensive operations, defensive operations, tactical enabling operations, rear operations, combat fire support, NBC operations, military decision-making process (MDMP), intelligence operations, types of divisions, information operations, and joint operations.

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What is a Battle Staff NCO?

BSNCOC started in 1988 for reserve-component Soldiers, but soon after, USASMA completed a program of instruction that opened the course to all NCOs. Since then, the course has changed many times and will soon see more changes, said Master Sgt. Philip Eville, the BSNCOC course manager at USASMA.. BSNCOC is taught by resident instructors at the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas; at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa.; at Camp Williams, Utah; and at Fort McCoy, Wisc. The course is also taught via video teletraining from USASMA around the world. When NCOs successfully complete the course they are awarded the “2S” skill identifier.

What Should I know about BSNCOs?

A BSNCO Graduate can go out and can help the command and the staff officers in the military decision-making process. Those NCOs will be exposed to 28 hours of MDMP which allows that NCO to be more viable in a TOC setting. He or she can do other things besides go make copies. NCOs can be a vital part of the planning process.

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